Sunday, June 23, 2013

"Fabric Artist Wanted...."

I was looking on Baltimore Craigslist for apartments close to MICA, when I noticed there was an Art/Design category in the Jobs section.  Hmmmm.  Click.  One of the newest listings was headlined "Fabric Artist Wanted,"  a phrase I had never seen before.  How wonderful!  Thus began a very interesting collaboration with Todd Broadwater, a talented artist who designs video games and action figures.  He wanted a prototype of a 32" cloth doll of Slender Man-- the internet meme that has taken on an eerie life of its own.  Now he's got it up on Kickstarter, where you can purchase your own for $50.  Here is his daughter with the doll:

I worked from Todd's great drawings:

 (As I checked the scale, I kept thinking of the segment from Spinal Tap in which the set designer makes the Stone Henge gate 18 inches instead of 18 feet. Love that tiny stone gate being lowered dramatically from above the stage!)  Here's how it looked in process:
Somehow I remembered how my Raggedy Ann doll's butt was
hinged for sitting.
Here are the pattern pieces for his little suit:

And here's the final product:

Now he's loose in the world.  Do visit Todd's Kickstarter page and order your very own Slender Man doll today.  He is also offering some limited edition illustrations that are strange and wonderful.

Sweet dreams!


  1. What a coup! I love the serendipity Craig's List search. SM looks great. Love the little shoes. hoping he and you both go on to great things!

  2. I do love Todd's great drawings! And your 3D version looks exactly like him. I love the Stonehenge Spinal Tap scene, too! (Remember they were worried it would get 'trod upon'? To this day, I still use that phrase!)