Friday, April 19, 2013

DDOE Puttin' On the Ritz

I went to a terrific event on Wednesday.  DC's Department of the Environment (DDOE), as part of their Earth Day celebrations, produced a fashion show at Union Station that highlighted sustainable fashion.  There was a good crowd there:

DDOE Director of Community Outreach, Sharon Cooke, started off with a rousing welcome and said they were going to let us all know that vintage/thrifted clothing is earth-friendly, inexpensive and fabulous.  The three women behind me, who had dropped in on their lunch hour, answered "All right then!"  signaling that they were ready to see the proof.
Crystal Morton, Crystal Lewis and Regana Smith enjoying the show

The models were a mix of professionals, DDOE staff and vendors' friends:  men and women of all ages, races, shapes and sizes walking with attitude and looking great.  (Scroll to the end for a mini-fashion show.)  The mood was joyous as people cheered their friends and applauded the looks.   There was a tremendous range of styles, and the looks were beautifully put together top to bottom.  They also suited the different models wonderfully well.
Punctuating the four segments of the show were a large number of statement pieces by Isagus who makes things out of gift wrap bows, trash bags, stuffed animals, Barbie dolls, bunting and anything else that she decides to intercept on its way to the landfill.

The vendors represented and some shots from their booths follow.  I'll profile many of them in greater depth in the days ahead.
Necklace from Fia's Fabulous Finds
Hats from Treasury
Accessories from Mercedes Bien
Upcycled Carpet Purses and Tagua Nut Jewelry from Toro Mata
Top Shop Silver Minidress from Martha's Outfitters
Wrap Blazer from Thorough Threads
Men's Accessories at Blue's Hard Goods
So!  What did Regana  and our two Crystals think of the show?
"I would definitely wear those clothes." 
"I have already picked out a suit for my husband." 
Congratulations to event organizer Robin Graham for a showcase of DC sustainable fashion at its best. 
Robin Graham of DDOE in Earth Day hat from Treasury