Wednesday, January 16, 2013

You Look Fabulous! Tari Boutique

So you are finally coming down off the fence.  You have decided to go out and celebrate fabulously on Inauguration Night.  Except that you only have that 1980's sequined mermaid-y gown.  Save that for remaking into a real mermaid outfit for Mardi Gras, and head to Tari Boutique at 1525 Wisconsin Ave, NW (between P & Q).  The stylish staff there will kindly help you find the perfect fabulous gown from their designer/vintage/couture collection of upscale consignment items.  The prices are not inexpensive, but they are fair (50-70% off retail) for the big name designers they carry, and there is a range of prices.  (I got a nice tweed longcoat there for $85.) There's a lot of great eye candy so I'm just going to regale you with pictures:

Men this includes you too.  They have a fine menswear section that as of Wednesday included tuxedos.  This one is a 42R Ermeneglio Zenga for $365:

In fact it is amazing all the good things they have put into this space.  There's a women's shoe room (with shoes arranged by size, which I like).

These mod yellow off-season shoes were only $44
Ooops.  I got distracted by the shoes.  I had meant to share Inauguration gowns.  Tamika Wilkins there echoed my fondness for this Christian Lacroix lace dress:
which promises to be $425-worth of fabulous on the right body.

Can you hear it saying, "Please try me on?"

And there were non-black items too:

If you have a nuanced stance that you only wear 2nd-hand fur ("No animals harmed recently"), here's your chance to sneak a tuft.  It is winter after all.

Well I could go on and on with pictures of gowns, but I have to mention the accessories.  Look for locally-made upcycled bags by Chic Saks, and jewelry by local designers, Kolton.J and EE Cuffs.  Also be sure to enjoy the terrific exhibit of fashion creations by Andrew Nowell Designs and others representing different DC neighborhoods:

Georgetown and H Street creations
That exhibit (originally assembled for the DC Fashion Foundation)
is worth a visit on its own (and probably a blog post).  Suffice it to say that owner Sara Mokhtari has put together a really
Boutique owner, Sara Mokhtari
top-notch consignment boutique. 

If you have top-notch items to consign, make an appointment for Tuesday or Wednesday after 1pm.  Consignors get 50% of the sales price.

So go to Tari and go to the Inauguration and have fun!


  1. I love Tari! Great store! Great people and best prices in the city!

    1. Thank you! Please let us know the next time you come by the boutique and we will give you an additional 10% off ! (some pieces..not many.. excluded)

      -Tari Team

  2. Thank you Katy for the great write up! You gave us a great idea..

    INAUGURATION DRESSES, SUITS AND TUXES FOR RENT AT TARI- ONLY 25% of listed price. (select merchandise only)