Saturday, January 12, 2013

Inaugurate This

Fortunately for those of us in DC who like to dress up, the holiday/party season is not over.  There are the Inaugural balls-- the nation's many celebrations of another smooth transfer of power.  And what a power it is.  We donated what is, for us, a lot of money to the campaign, and I hope to have a chance to put together a formal outfit and do some dancing.  I fear, however, that my husband is hiding our ball invitation because I mentioned how great it would be to wear a dress made from recycled military uniforms:
from Etsy Shop Lummed Designs
This Finnish designer, Tiina, had another ensemble* with black tulle detailing that is my dream Inaugural outfit.  I had it in my Etsy favorites for the longest time.  She finally took it down-- as is her prerogative since I had not put together the cash to buy it.  I might have to wear the peacock dress I made and wrote about in June:

I would want the jewelry to be by local designer, JesseWalker.

 He could rock a formal peacock necklace challenge.
If I needed to buy some formal wear, my first visit would be to Tari Boutique in Georgetown for a fabulous consignment piece.  I'll be blogging about Tari next with lots of pics from the store.
If you feel like celebrating, I hope you find the perfect event and that you feel great in your skin.  Forward in 2013.

*POSTSCRIPT:  It's up on Etsy again:


  1. yes! tear the house apart until you FIND that invite. you so need to go two balls and wear both dresses. so fabulous. Can I make you a peacock wrist corsage that snakes all the way up your forearm? because the dress kind of screams for it. just saying.

  2. When you're right you're right! And you are always right.