Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The world of Andy ViZoZo
I am fortunate to have a really wonderful intern just now-- Andy Visoso.  She is from here from Queretaro, Mexico for a few months doing a work/study program through The Washington Center.  She is doing some very interesting design work combined with a project to revive traditional plant dyes in Mexico.   I wanted her to tell you about her work in her own words:

My experience in Washington DC has been amazing. I am gaining a  different perspective on the world and I have found passionate people that inspire me to be better and to enjoy life. 
Everything started a year ago when I created my fashion brand ViZoZo, it is about sustainable fashion. I always have this in mind, “Do something useful doing fashion.” I am exploring natural dying techniques and their applications; For now I will be working with natural fabrics like cotton and wool. I will create a small and exclusive clothing line (soon I will tell you where you can buy it here in Washington DC). Also I have been launching an exclusive line of accessories with natural stones in a mix of  eclectic styles. 
I think that fashion (including clothes, accessories, life style, etc.) Is one of the most important ways to express your personality and aesthetic sense.  That´s why I also created my blog (www.vizozoblog.com) because human expression is essential in our living.   It is how our interior world expresses itself in the exterior world.  The purpose of the blog is to communicate ideas, sensations, design, fashion and moments that makes a difference in life.


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