Thursday, November 8, 2012

ArtSpring: A Boutique Full of Magic

By Guest Reporter Andy Visoso

ArtSpring is a boutique at  7014B Westmoreland Ave. in Takoma Park.  It features handmade products from local independent designers. It is a project of Pyramid Atlantic Art Center and contains many of their artists' work.

The first time that I saw ArtSpring I knew that was full of magic and great designers.  I had an interesting talk with Marcelle Fozard, a volunteer artist who works in the store.  Owners Valerie and Chris dreamed up the idea of a store dedicated to the works of local artists and took the store from pop-up locations in downtown Silver Spring to its current location in lovely, walkable Takoma Park.

Walking around the store I discovered so much talent and so many interesting designs.  Besides being local, almost everything is sustainable and handmade. It is a perfect place to shop for gifts.  I think people will love to shop in this store because they'll find beautifully crafted unique products.

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