Friday, July 13, 2012

Beat the Heat!

I have to rave about a particular Etsy shop that features organic cotton clothing-- Grateful Threads. I bought this jumpsuit there:
White Tara Jumpsuit $165

It is probably best for people who can go braless (A/B/C-cups?), but I would be interested in hearing from people with other builds about whether they would wear this style.  I thought it was an ingeniously flattering design in a fabric that's comfy and not so thin as to show every pantyline and lump.  And it comes in loads of nice colors.  I got a teal one.  It was really well made, and has gone through the washer and dryer beautifully.  The first time I wore it, I got two spontaneous compliments on the street.  Thank you,  Grateful Threads.

Why is organic cotton good?  Traditionally-grown cotton uses a huge amount of water, synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.  Organically grown cotton addresses the pesticide and fertilizer problems.  For more about this visit the World Wildlife Fund's monograph on organic cotton or Google "organic cotton."

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