Friday, October 12, 2012

Herban Lifestyle Review

I really enjoy BUST magazine, and one of the things I like is the way they review beauty products.  They give a product to three interns to use and get three honest opinions.  I feel like these are much more trustworthy, balanced and valuable than the reviews I see in other mags.  Plus the reviewers value attributes like no animal testing, etc.  PLUS it shows a proper appreciation for interns.  I have a wonderful intern just now.  Her name is Andy Visoso, and she is in DC for three months from Mexico where she is working on a sustainable fabric dye project and designing and selling accessories.  You will hear more about her projects in future blog posts.  For now, Andy and I are going to do a BUST-style review of local beauty products from Herban Lifestyle.  Herban Lifestyle handcrafts herbal bath and body products in small batches using natural, organic and Fair Trade ingredients as well as earth-friendly packaging.  Herban Lifestyle is certified sustainable by Green America and Cruelty-Free by Leaping Bunny. Andy and I selected their Pale Ale soap and lip balm sampler to try.

Pale Ale Soap scented with Lime and Rosemary 

Set of Three Organic Lip Balms

Katy:   I had corresponded with Herban Lifestyle founder, Mary Kearns, while I was researching the benefits of natural and organic cosmetics, and she had commented, "I also feel that natural ingredients smell much better than artificial ones. I find things like natural beeswax, cocoa butter, dried herbs and pure essential oils to be absolutely yummy smelling! You can't say that so much about phthalates, EDTA, etc."  I did not understand what she was talking about until I opened our package and was amazed at how truly WONDERFUL the products smell.  The lime & coconut lip balm I tried was like the freshest summer dish I ever had (delectable lime scent with fainter tones of vanilla and coconut), and the pale ale soap was a beguiling-- and yummy-- autumn mix of scents.  I usually avoid scented products because I'm afraid they will be overpowering and clash with each other, but these do not linger in any unpleasant way.  And the lip balm is truly soft and moisturizing-- not waxy.  Would it melt in my purse in summer?  I will certainly have some next summer to see.  The soap lathers up nicely and leaves my hands feeling smooth.  Even my sons liked the soap.  I am hooked!  These products are a treat you should try for yourself or for a great gift.  Perhaps the Man Beer Soap for that special someone?

Andy: I´m beginning to know about organic cosmetics, and I am falling in love with them because it makes me feel so good knowing I help the environment with this kind of life style.
I tried the Mint + Chocolate lip balm and the Vanilla + Tangerine lip balm. To be honest the Mint + Chocolate has become essential to my lip care. I use it all the time! When you put it on, your lips get refreshed because of the mint, and the smell is great because of the chocolate. The texture is very soft, and the moisturizer also is very comfortable. I just take it everywhere with me. The Vanilla-Tangerine balm is delicious too! It is so soft and light that your lips look very hydrated and healthy.
The Pale Ale soap is made with Lime & Rosemary.  It too smells delicious, and it seems very gentle on the skin.  The sensation is soft and refreshing.  Also the skin looks moisturized, and the smell of the soap stays all day.

So there you have it.  'wish we could sound a bit more critical for our first product review, but we just loved these products.  Katy, at least,  promises to be more snarly sometime in the future.

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