Thursday, June 14, 2012

More Seersucker

My friend Bethany is a breath of fresh air.  She's enormously creative, a free spirit, and naturally hospitable.  The Seersucker Social is a perfect day for her to shine, and I'm so grateful she took me along for the ride, so to speak (For more on the event see my previous post or go to  Beforehand, we had a great time at Value Village poring over seersucker possibilities.  Bethany got a fetching lime green suit, which she made even better with a petticoat from Polly Sue's Vintage Shop ( and her own wonderful accessories and wedding shoes.   Here she is enjoying the gorgeous day among the ample froof that is Hillwood Mansion. 

 And here is Bethany's friend, Jared with his daughter.  
Two things that are sure to make me smile: spiffy men and little girls in sundresses.
The whole day was a lighthearted romp.  It was a hoot to see everyone's take on the theme.  My favorite was the woman who turned a crocheted daisy baby blanket into a strapless belted mini.  I think there was double-sided tape involved.  Once again someone raved about the vintage store, Treasury (, so I know a visit is in my future.

The day is a great day for sustainable fashion and for creativity.  It's basically a vintage event, with most people evoking a Jazz Age sensibility.  I  took a different tack so I could sport a Saint Chic organic cotton seersucker suit that I have loved since I saw it at CarbonDC over a year ago.  ( )

The pants fit like a dream, and the cropped jacket I got is reversible.  I wore them with an American Apparel  organic cotton tank top: 

and this excellent harness made from upcycled bike inner tubes. ( )  

The Seer sucker Social is a cycling event after all.

As I did for my Artomatic installation, I made it a personal challenge to be completely sustainably decked out.  The shoes were from Value Village, and the bracelets and clutch second-hand and gifts (thanks Lisa, Laurette and Martha)

Oh! I also wore some white recycled glass earrings from YB Green (  

I got mine at the EcoArt&Design pop-up expo (, but I think Yasmin Bowers also sells her things at Ginger Root Design on U Street.  ( )  Here I am together with my lovely pal, Erin.

She wears a hat well.  I'm not looking very vintage, but I had fun improvising with the theme.   By the way!  Brandon  Bloch's video about last year's Seersucker Social is utterly delightful.  It gives a great sense of what a lighthearted day it is.  So well done!  Check it out at

'hope to see you next year!

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