Monday, May 28, 2012

Seersucker Primer

For those of you who love vintage and dressing up, the Seersucker Social is June 9th.  It's a bike ride.  It's a social scene.  It's a fundraiser.  And it ends at Hillwood Mansion with croquet and cocktails.
For the best intro watch Brandon Bloch's lighthearted video at

Some of my Takoma Park friends were having an e-mail conversation politely asking, "WTF?" which is a fair question.  One speculated that there were leeches involved, so I wrote this primer, which I am reprinting here:

Seersucker is a lightweight striped cotton that was originally used for men's suits in hot, formal places like the South:

Think of it as a chance to see nattily dressed men, which is a rarity here in the People's Republic of Takoma Park.
Yes,perhaps it can be intimidating, or just fun.  People don't take themselves too seriously, I think.  Here's a pic from 2010
Having fun is really the key.  You can go anywhere (or nowhere) with seersucker.  Isaac Mizrahi is coming out with wedding gowns that incorporate gingham.
How To Wear Stripes- Striped Womens Fashion 2011
And here are other stripey things that would be fine, I think.
As with so much in life, anything goes ladies.

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